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Badulla Provincial General Hospital
Badulla Provincial General Hospital
Provincial General Hospital Badulla is one of the oldest tertiary care, Full-fledged multi-specialty hospitals of the country and is the largest healthcare provider in Uva Province having a capacity of 1375-beds. It is located at the heart of Badulla city with an aim to bring quality healthcare nearer and accessible to patients. In addition to outpatients and inpatients care, the multi-disciplinary care provided by Provincial General Hospital Badulla includes almost all specialist medical, surgical, dental health care services, clinical support services including leading-edge diagnostic services and community health services.
The Provincial General Hospital is situated on the Colombo Badulla road about 220 Km. We Cater more than 0.7 million patients annually. Over 14000 Obstetric admissions and nearly 9000 deliveries take place annually. Over 25,000 surgeries are also performed annually. The Radiology Department at PGH badulla offers a tremendous service to the patients, carrying out over 100000 Radiology investigations per annual and 885000 Laboratory Investigations respectively.
Provincial General Hospital - Badulla (PGHB) is one of largest and busiest hospitals in the country with a focused set of tertiary specialties and a unique profile of strong local services. It is the only tertiary-care hospital in the Uva province and works actively to develop partnerships with other health care organizations, to ensure that we deliver first-class services to people in the province and beyond.
As the premier healthcare provider, It provides a full range of services which includes specialized clinical, diagnostic, emergency, intensive care, outpatient care and outreach services for over 1.3 million people in the Uva province.
The 1375 bedded hospital serves more than 725,000 patients per year and treats more than 90,000 inpatients and 635,000 out patients each year with dedicated hospital staff of 1800 including 32 consultants and 140 medical officers.

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