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albatross golfing and holiday resort
3 Star
The Albatross Golfing & Holiday Villa,C/o Victoria Golf & Country Resort P.O.Box 7 Rajawella, Sri Lanka.
albatross golfing and holiday resort
“At length did cross an Albatross, Through the fog it came” These immortal words as portrayed by the famed laureate Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his narration of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner perhaps captures the mystique of The Albatross Boutique Resort. Perched on top of “The Coconut Hill”, nestling amongst a range of Kandyan mountains, with Pidurutalagala Peak as a backdrop, The Albatross Villa offers a spectacular and an unparalleled panoramic visive. The splendour of the Victoria waterways and its dam, The Victoria Golf Course that meanders at the base of the hill makes The Albatross a truly enchanting Holiday location. The name of the Resort Albatross carries an intriguing and meaningful dual connotation, in that, firstly an Albatross in golfing parlance is indeed a rare achievement that any golfer would strive to achieve. Secondly, Albatross, the high souring bird of good omen depicts the very conceptual style of the Resort – a birds eye view of a wide spanning nature reserve of splendour and rarity. A visitor to this unique Resort will firstly be held spell bound at the task of imbibing in the panorama of the Kandyan range of mountains covering Corbett’s Gap, Hunasgiriya Peak, Knuckles Range, Hantane and Bambaragala. The Victoria waterways spiralling amongst the wooded mountain slopes with the dam as a backdrop is breathtaking. The Boutique Resort has been developed by its owners, the Ranfer Group, to provide a high-end 5 star service unit but amidst a leisurely and casual family atmosphere. The tranquillity of the Resort remains unparallel and provides a perfect getaway for the discerning holiday maker.

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