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Austrian Beach Resort
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Austrian Beach Resort
I was there as the Tsunami struck on the 26 th of December 2004 and inflicted its devastation upon the island. Miraculously I survived and witnessed the aftermath of this disaster, the destruction of the buildings, the starving people and the ever increasing death toll, amongst those who perished many of my friends. The suffering and grief of the people were unimaginable, the misery was indescribable. I started to organise and oversee projects for the needy. The many tears we wept together bound me closer to the country and its endearing people. I didn´t have to think about it any longer. I decided to buy a beautiful plot of land by the shore of the Indian Ocean and built a wonderful small hotel, which taking into consideration the construction terms in Sri Lanka took only a very short time. Without the help of my Singhalese friends it would have been impossible to bring my project to fruition and for their help and support I am eternally grateful.

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